At Happy Trip, our noteworthy Lemon Tek Gummies now arrive in a more extensive scope of shroom assortments, each containing over a half gram of our most prominent psilocybes and offering a quicker however shorter trek, perfect for stacking.



Golden Emperor Lemon Tek Gummies

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Magic Mushroom

A unique Toadstool Confections creation only for Happy Trips, our great Lemon Golden Emperor Tek Gummies were propelled by the well known psychonaut hack of quickening one’s portion by making a glue of shrooms and lemon juice.

In contrast to the Internet’s plans, our delectable chewy candies scarcely taste of shrooms, while as yet pressing a full half-gram of ground goodness. That hits its pinnacle somewhere in the range of 20 to 30 minutes in, endures 2 to 3 hours, and makes little no stomach upset for generally clients.Golden Emperor Lemon Tek Gummies


Similarly as with every one of our items, store these well out of the range of minors and pets, and for most extreme life span. Keep them cool and away from daylight.  Perfect for stacking, these chewy candies brag our Golden Emperor Variety that clients love for their glowy visuals. High vitality and giggly great vibes, even at higher dosages. Contains gelatin, sugar, lemon juice and 0.7 g of ground Golden Emperor enchantment mushrooms per individual sticky sweet.

Magic Mushrooms

Enchantment mushrooms are not addictive, yet likewise with LSD, you can end up tolerant with the impacts rapidly. And that implies you’ll have to take more to get a similar impact as before.Physical wellbeing dangers

The greatest peril to your wellbeing when taking enchantment mushrooms is eating a toxic mushroom accidentally.

There are numerous sorts of mushroom in the UK and a few, similar to the fly agaric, can execute you.Golden Emperor Lemon Tek Gummies

In the event that you have eaten toxic mushrooms you’ll before long know. You ll have to get therapeutic assistance as quickly as time permits. Continuously keep a case of the mushroom you’ve eaten so specialists can recognize it.


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