Lemon tek gummies


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Lemon tek gummies

Buy Lemon Tek gummies – Real Magic Mushrooms Edibles Online – Magic Mushrooms Dispensary

Buy Lemon Tek Edibles a Magic Mushrooms Dispensary exceptional, our groundbreaking Lemon Tek Edibles now come in a much broader range of shroom varieties, each containing over a half gram of our most famous psilocybes and presenting a faster-however-shorter journey, perfect for stacking.

Mushroom Lemon Tek


An original Toadstool Confections advent exclusively for Magic Mushrooms Dispensary, our classic Lemon Tek Gummies have been stimulated through the famous psychonaut hack of accelerating one’s dose through creating a paste of shrooms and juice.


Unlike the Internet’s recipes, our scrumptious gummies slightly taste of shrooms, even as nonetheless packing a complete 1/2-gram of ground goodness that hits its peak everywhere from 20 to half-hour in, lasts 2 to a few hours, and reasons little to no belly disenchanted for maximum users.

Shroom Gummies


Ideal for stacking, they boast our Lemon Tek. Variety that customers love for their glowy visuals, high electricity and giggly properly vibes, even at better doses. Contains gelatin, sugar, lemon juice and zero.7 g of ground lemon tek magic mushrooms according to person gummy sweet.

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